Crestani Ceramiche

Crestani Ceramiche is founded in 1977 by the inspiration and passion of Giannino and Donatella Crestani for top quality ceramics.

The premises are surrounded by meadows and cherry trees in the town of Marostica which, together with the nearby municipalities of Nove and Bassano del Grappa, has been a land of artistic pottery production since 1700.

Our creations trace out the manual skills and craftsmanship that find their roots in the renowned local pottery tradition of Vicenza province, to create ceramic objects in classic, modern and contemporary style.

Beside the production and the custom works on commission, Crestani Ceramiche starts up the brand Scenografie | chic living with which to propose its vast selection of ceramics for the home decoration. From the classic collections to the newest contemporary design lines, we take care of each creation, realizing by hand every single decoration and making each of our piece a unique piece.


Crestani’s ceramic products reflect the artisan skills and care of the tradition in creating items in classic and modern style. The decorations are done by hand, like the small variants that make every piece unique.

The products incorporate skill and craftsmanship of the famous local ceramic tradition in Vicenza, for the development of furnishing in classic, modern and contemporary style.

The strengths of the Ceramics Crestani creations are decorations, as the applications of Swarovski, special finishes, the esame and the third fire colors such as platinum, gold and bronze.



Crestani Ceramics offers its technologies and know-how to produce ad hoc ceramic creations of all shapes and finishes.

The strength of the production of Crestani Ceramics is decorative hand, the application of Svarovski and finishes the third fire (platinum, gold, silver and bronze).

Crestani Ceramics offers its services and expertise for:


Crestani Ceramics works with companies of furniture, decor and fashion as the exclusive supplier of customized products.

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Our creations

From classic collections, contemporary lines of the design, we take care of each creation by hand by running each decoration and making our every single piece.